The Dead Sea is an incredible part of the universe. The water is thick with minerals and salt. You can only walk out as far as your chest, until your feet get lifted up and you start floating. It is the most calming, relaxing and soothing feeling I have ever felt. I did not want to leave!

First day, we went to a  private beach. There, you could cover yourself up with the mud straight from the sea. 

From my picture, you can see the Salt built up on all the posts touching water, with beautiful salt rocks laying all over the beach.

It was paradise!

The next time we went, we went to the commercialised part of the Beach. The Beach Area was totally different than the private beach, the salt was graded in pebbles to be able to walk on. Here, you could only find the Mud already packaged. They had the Mud and Salt covered over with sand from the Mountains, which lost the natural beauty of the Dead Sea. 

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